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1963 Saab 96 850cc - no DRL

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13 December 2010


DaDRL are a group of experienced motorists, engineers and scientists supported by pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists who are campaigning for a reduction in headlight intensity.  Our association aims to actively opposing the use of  DRL.  You've probably been annoyed by them - the glare, the distraction, and the energy waste.  The escalating quest by manufacturers to fit bigger and brighter lights on the false pretext of safety has to be brought to a halt.


We oppose Daytime Running Lights because:

              There is no real evidence that DRL are a safety feature, particularly if all vehicles use DRL

              DRL promote road rage, safety should never be annoying or dangerous

              They are inefficient in both fuel cost and lamp replacement cost, both of which are passed on to the driver

              They cause visual fatigue and reduce a driver’s ability to perceive hazards – vulnerable road users are put at risk

              If a driver cannot see a car or a bus without it’s headlights on, how are they going to spot your child?

               A driver should not be allowed a licence if they cannot see other vehicles without headlights on in good daylight


If you feel the same way, we hope you will send a vote of support for our campaign. We will, in turn, pass along your feelings to the press, motor companies and governments. 

We have established high level contacts and we believe with pressure from all road users we believe they will adjust their policies accordingly.


Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers desire to share road space in safety with the maximum consideration and courtesy towards each other.  Daytime headlights are a selfish concept based upon outmoded technology causing dangers to vulnerable road users.  It is official EU/UK Transport policy to protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.  DRL were introduced by the Swedish in 1977 after they changed from driving on the left to the right hand side of the road in 1967.  DRL have been used  a marketing gimmick because "safety sells" - please see DRL Chronology for details on the origins and the current status.


The EU and USA governments are seeking to mandate DRL on the basis of research studies but the EU cannot produce data to prove any real world total reduction in accidents. Critiques by DADRL members and associates expose flawed methodology used in some studies.  Our conclusions are that DRL are of no benefit -  please see DRL Studies


Counter proposals to DRL have been placed before the EU Commissioners:

  1. Ban full power daytime running lights - require manufacturers to recall 55watt headlight DRL equipped cars on safety and environmental grounds.

  1. Fit non glaring daytime running lights  - require manufacturers to fit low intensity DRL on new cars and retrofitted on existing cars.

  1. Automatic headlight switching - install headlights that automatically switch on when visibility is insufficient below 75 lux.

  1. Introduce eyesight tests  -  annual drivers eyesight tests linked to issue of a vehicle license.

  1. Introduce advanced level driving tests  -  require all drivers within next 3 years drivers to pass an advanced level driving test.


Interestingly, the Japanese Government have conducted research with real vehicles (as opposed to academic EU "studies").  Japan has a high population density, similar to the UK at over 780 persons per sq. mile (whereas Sweden’s is below 130 person per sq. mile).  We fully support this stance by the Japanese Government, they recommend non glaring daytime lights with an intensity of 200cd (about the intensity of parking lights). 


We have excellent support from prominent individuals, helping to create an influential body of opinion against the dangers and the environmental problems caused by current daytime running lights – please see Quotes