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Last updated

 13 December 2010


The prime desire of most drivers is to safely proceed with the maximum courtesy and consideration to other road users.


Advanced motorists and Police drivers are trained in safe, defensive driving techniques to avoid accidents. 

The key elements are observation, anticipation, hazard awareness and correct road positioning, collectively, these methods form a powerful life saving package.  


Anticipatory perception of hazards means observation of miniscule things but DRL dazzle momentarily masks oncoming drivers eyes from  observing this fine, but safety critical information detail such as:-

  •         A child,

  •          A cyclist,

  •          A pedestrian,

  •          An equestrian,

  •          A motorcyclist,

  •          Feet under vehicles,

  •          Traffic signs and lights,

  •          A slippery road surface,

  •          A ball rolling into the road,

  •          A small animal darting out,

  •          A car door about to be opened,

  •          Front direction indicators masked,

  •          Vision of vehicles behind obliterated,

  •          Following drivers can be less responsive to brake lights.


Perception of hazards is vital to

safe defensive driving

uto makers appear to be fixated with the drive to install brighter and brighter headlights, here are details of a new system devised by Valeo of France called BeamAtic that permits headlights to run on full beam continually with electromechanical shutters that blank off the light beam around other vehicles. 

Full beam headlights can dazzle a mile away, how are these automatic sensors going to pick up pedestrians and cyclists?

Driving against other vehicles with headlights ablaze de-sensitises the eye so less conspicuous vulnerable road users can be put at unnecessary risk.



It is significant that Police Grade 1 drivers (who are trained to the highest of standards at public expense) disable the automatic DRL on their vehicles.