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 13 December 2010


         DaDRL Worldwide  
Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights - USA  - our parent organisation, join global opposition to DRL
France: Fédération Française des Motards en Colère  or Angry French Bikers - see their active campaign against DRL
Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights - Bulgaria - opposition grows in Europe, introduction of DRL has caused increase in accidents
Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights - Poland - more European DRL opposition - an excellent website
Blinded biXenon - Allied campaign against blinding night-time headlights
      Alliance members:


The British Motorcyclists Federation

 - promoting and protecting the interests of the road rider where and when it matters

Motorcycle Action Group UK

- campaigning for UK riders

Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations

- uniting riders across Europe - promoting an protecting riders interests

Write to Ride Northern Ireland - Giving riders a voice - sensible support for Motorcyclists across the globe
Living Streets – Pedestrians Association UK

- revitalising neighbourhoods - reconnecting people

Federation of European Pedestrians Associations

- promoting safety for pedestrians across the EU

European Cyclists Federation

- pledged to ensure that bicycle use achieves its fullest potential

The Ramblers Association

- Working for walkers - put your boots on and sniff the fresh air!

CTC the national cyclists' organisation

- our mission is to make cycling enjoyable, safe and welcoming for all



Association with:


National Motorists' Association USA 

- the NMA were instrumental in lifting the 55mph speed limit - accidents have reduced


- personal injury solicitors - accidents at work, road accidents  0800 050 1050



     Other links of interest:



- Promoting intelligent road safety and who are kindly hosting this website

The Association of British Drivers

- Feeling fleeced and persecuted? then have a browse and join up!

Institute of Advanced Motorists

- Driven by Safety


- Promoting better safer roads and sensible traffic law

 Honest John of the Motoring Telegraph

- A fount of sensible motoring information


- Unsurpassable website design, web hosting, graphic design and technical assistance - A totally unique system of high level driver education - every driver should be encouraged to attain this standard taught by ex Police Class 1 drivers

- There has never been a book about driver awareness like this - it's a philosophy about how to think