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13 December 2010


How to disable Volvo daytime headlights

 Most recent Volvos including Volvo S60  - 2001

Can be done in Vadis IIRC (computer set up at pre-delivery inspection) from the dealership.

 Volvo V40 2000
Turn the ignition on. Turn the headlight switch to sidelights, pull and hold the Main Beam stalk.
Turn the headlight switch to 0, release the Main Beam.
If you do want to leave your car parked with the sidelights/parking lights on, and doors locked, reverse the process



Older Volvo's.

Adjacent to the light switch there is a black Philips screw for no apparent reason. 

Turn this and it turns off the lights. It is clearly laid out in the owners manual.

It converts the lighting to conventional manner - i.e. a three position switch with off/side/head lights.


Volvo 850 1994

1) Take off the fusebox cover (4-no. T25 screws).  It is located under the bonnet right by the RH side of the windscreen.

2) Pull out the headlamp relay.  It's the largest one, coloured green, that fits into a double socket.

3) Prise off the relay cover.  This can be awkward since it is a snap- fit with four tongues of plastic that must all be disengaged simultaneously.

4) Find the pin marked '56b'.  It's a 1/4" tab, and is connected via two loops of thick wire to other pins marked '56bL' and '56bR'.  (These other pins lead to the headlamp dipped filaments, and the loops of wire are part of the 'lamp fail' warning system - don't damage them in what you are about to do.)

5) Carefully lever up the connection to pin 56b and cut it.

6) Push the severed connection back towards the base of the relay and move it to one side so the connection to pin 56b remains broken.  It could then be reinstated at a later date if required.

7) Refit the relay cover, plug in the relay (it will only go in one way round), and refit the fusebox cover.





Saab cars the DRLs are not automatic, drivers can switch them on / off normally.




Disclaimer disabling DRL is done at your own risk